Marine Maintenance & Repairs

Crawford’s Mechanical Solutions specialise in boat maintenance, boat repairs, and custom boat parts.

What We Do

Crawford’s Mechanical Solutions is not restricted to these services alone. The key advantage to working with our team is the utilisation of their skills, extensive experience, and professional marine technician partners to achieve your individual outcomes.

We stay in regular contact with every customer throughout the repair and maintenance processes, and delivery of every job. Heath and the team liaise with clients to discuss the best approach to undertake a project; from conducting a cost and material analysis, to recommending and sourcing materials.

Our commitment is to work closely with our clients to ensure that you are happy with the work that is done.

Our Specialisation

Inboard Servicing

We provide comprehensive inboard servicing for your boats and other marine vessels. Through proper and thorough maintenance, we can help you avoid costly repairs and parts replacements in the future by addressing potential issues with your engine and other components early on. From a full engine rebuild to minor servicing, we have the experience and know-how to make it happen.

Engine rebuilds

We help clients restore their boat’s engine to its original form and condition by rebuilding it. Instead of replacing certain components, we identify the root of the problem with the engine and fix it. Through our rebuild service, we can provide our clients with an affordable and practical way to keep boat engines running smoothly with their original components.    

Trailer repairs and maintenance

In addition to boats and other marine vessels, we are also dedicated to providing repair and maintenance services for trailers. The various components of a boat trailer, such as its wheel bearings, brakes, winches, rollers, and tow fittings, tend to get wet and exposed to the elements whenever marine vessels are launched and retrieved from the water. We provide repairs and regular maintenance services for boat trailers to prevent their parts from breaking down and getting damaged due to corrosion and other potential issues. 

Engine tuning and boat performance

We are aware that tuning a boat’s engine is completely different from tuning that of a car or other land-based vehicles. That’s why we approach boat engine tuning in a different manner. Wherever possible, we test the boat on the water. We often find that tuning on the water improves the performance and highlights how the boat is performing overall. Steering issues, water leaks, and instrumentation problems are just some of the issues that can be detected when water testing the vessel.

Custom marine fabrication

We have a dedicated in-house division that provides fabrication services for marine vessels. Through our specialised tools and equipment and our team of skilled tradesmen, we can complete every step of the fabrication process for our clients. Our service does not end with fabricating custom parts and components for boats. Aside from delivering finished fabricated products, we also subject our creations to various tests to ensure their performance, durability, and overall quality.

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