Our Team

Crawford’s Mechanical Solutions is a family orientated business that employs a small team of dedicated and qualified professionals!

Heath Crawford -Fitter & Machinist

Heath Crawford

Heath has been working in the mechanical space for 30+ years. Heath started CMS a few years ago after convincing his father John to come out of retirement.

Heath has a variety of qualifications varying from business management, mechanical, welding and machining, electrical programming, electrical diagnosis, and workplace compliance.

Heaths passion has always been working on cars, boats, and motorbikes and using his qualifications as a machinist to manufacture components and parts for them.

John Crawford experienced mechanic
John Crawford

John has all things Mechanical running in his blood. Whilst raising his family on a dairy farm in Cobram he had a side business repairing and fitting cars to LPG. John was famous in the area for running the family boat on LPG. John worked with his farther Frank on the farm and leant many skills from him. Frank was originally a mechanic and had worked as a machinist. 


After selling the farm John went on get qualified as a mechanic and LPG installer, John started Crawford’s repair Centre that operated successfully for many years at Cobram east.


John shares many of the same passions as Heath and has a flare for creating something a little different.


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