Why Metal Fabrication And Auto Repair Go Hand in Hand

Why Metal Fabrication And Auto Repair Go Hand in Hand

Nowadays, many auto repair shops are starting to expand their operations by offering additional services. They are no longer limited to providing general repair and maintenance services to their clients’ vehicles. Instead, many of these shops are adding metal fabrication to their list of services.

As its name implies, metal fabrication involves modifying the various properties of metal in order to create various objects. In the automotive industry, metal fabrication plays an important role in building and repairing vehicles.

Metal fabrication allows automotive shops to create parts and even custom components for their clients’ vehicles. Usually, this type of project begins with the conceptualisation stage. In some cases, customers present the shop with a design or a rough concept of what they want to create. The shop’s technicians and other skilled staff members then get to work to turn the concept into a 3D prototype or model using computer-aided design (CAD) software.

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The CAD software allows professionals to create accurate and precise designs using a computer. These designs are then transferred to a specialised machine that can cut, mould, or shape metal in various ways.

Through the process of metal fabrication, automotive shops are able to build car parts from raw materials. In the automotive industry, this practice benefits both companies and customers as it allows the former to accommodate the needs of the latter. For instance, through metal fabrication, car shops can provide a client with rare auto parts that are no longer in production or are difficult to source. This type of service is very helpful, especially if the client is in the process of restoring an old car.

Aside from supplying customers with rare and custom-made car parts, metal fabrication can also help improve and expand an auto shop’s repair services. For instance, through this type of service, shops can take on various projects that involve working on the bodies of vehicles, such as collision and corrosion repair and bumper and trim fabrication.

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One particular company that provides general fabrication and automotive services is Crawford’s Mechanical Solutions, which is based in Cobram. This company provides services that are designed to ensure that the vehicles of their clients run smoothly. Aside from general automotive maintenance and repair services, Crawford’s Mechanical Solutions also offers metal fabrication and specialised machining.

Through these services, combined with 3D CAD design, the company is able to accommodate the needs and preferences of clients through every step of the project, from conceptualisation to final production.

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